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1:Official: Bucks official sequel 约吉亚尼斯 - 阿德托昆博
Beijing on September 21, Bucks officially announced that the team official and Ghia Nice - 阿德托昆博 complete the contract.

Bucks officer pushed the sun out of the letter signed photos of Columbia, as well as letters rookie brother when signing photos, details of the contract were not disclosed, according to previous reports, it will be a four-year $ 100 million contract.

"I can not imagine they will go elsewhere to play," the letter brother said, "It's not just in front of the media so that the bottom of my heart is like that."

Last season, the Bucks letter brother played 80 games, averaging 35.3 minutes of time to get 16.9 points and 7.7 boards 4.3 help 1.2 steals 1.4 blocks while shooting 48.3% rate.

Beijing on September 19, 2016, it was reported yesterday that senior Xinjiang men's basketball team had to communicate with the Rockets, confirm that the new season will represent the team in Xinjiang Zhou Qi campaign CBA.

This year's NBA Draft, Zhou Qi center Xinjiang team in the second round of 43 overall by the Houston Rockets selected. Currently, Zhou Qi is the United States with the Rockets training. Zhou Qi new season whether landing NBA, but also affects the hearts of thousands of fans.

In an interview when the men's basketball team Xinjiang chairman Howie said: "This year, Zhou Qi certainly play CBA, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and I call to talk about the problem of Zhou Qi, Morey introduced me to the United States Zhou Qi Gifted case, said Zhou Qi made rapid progress. the Rockets will send a physical division Zhou Qi Xinjiang team with a season. Zhou Qi culture and other specific details and the good cooperation the two clubs, have to wait until October 12 go into the details. "

It is reported that Zhou Qi will be held September 22 to return home, following the team prepare for Xinjiang and Guangdong Hongyuan friendly.


4:coming! JR and Knight reached a new contract agreement 4 years 57 million

Cleveland Cavaliers and free agent JR has reached a four-year total of 57 million US dollars contract, according to NBA reporter Mark - Stein reported that Cleveland Cavaliers and free agent JR has reached a four-year total of 57 million US dollars contract.

This is for the Cavaliers fans is undoubtedly a good news, because JR and the Cavaliers contract negotiations stalemate lasted a whole summer, until after the start of the preseason has not been resolved.

According to previous reports, the Cavaliers for JR to provide a salary of $ 10-1100 million contract, and JR hope to get a $ 15 million annual salary contract, the results of the differences can not be resolved.

According to the latest news, the Cavaliers and JR has reached a total of 4 years $ 57 million contract, according to this calculation, JR's annual salary of about 14 million US dollars. It should be said, the Cavaliers and JR have made concessions, and the Cavaliers concession amplitude significantly greater.

Obviously, the defending champions of the Cavaliers do not want to JR's renewed impasse to the team distracted. Earlier, Cleveland headed star LeBron - James has repeatedly urged the two sides to complete the contract as soon as possible. Earlier today, Mark - Stein also broke the news that JR and other teams to talk about the contract is only a matter of time, which is clearly not want to see the results of both sides.

Fortunately, the Cavaliers and JR in the regular season before the official start has not yet been reached before the contract, so that the Cavaliers retained the title to win the last piece of important puzzle.

The Big Three 48 points Warriors plus rookie buzzer Lakers Nuggets
Warriors starting only played the first three quarters, Stephen - Curry 22 points, nine rebounds and four assists, Craig - Thompson 17 points, Kevin - Durant 19 points. Patrick - McCall is the second-round pick this year, he scored 18 points and six rebounds, Andre - Andre Iguodala 13 points.

Nuggets fall short. Danilo - Gallinari 4-for-4 shooting, scored 19 points and eight rebounds, Nicola - Jokic 14 points and 10 rebounds, Will - Barton 11 points, Emmanuel - Moodier 9 points. Off the bench Jamal - Murray 16 points and seven assists, Janelle - Stokes 16 points.

Warriors rest for a few days and then set off again. Durant hit the opening one-third, and Thompson also succeeded twice after the long shot, they start to 11-6. Nuggets outside do not show weakness, Gallinari twice to three points. This section there are 4 minutes 05 seconds, Gallinari hit his third ball, the Nuggets will score at 22-22. The Nuggets was overtake, but Durant in the last 1 minute 14 seconds got 4 points, the Warriors to 34-31 lead end. Durant has 10 points for this section.

Murray hit two-thirds, Nelson long shot succeeded, the Nuggets in the second quarter to 44-42 exceeded. Warriors hit rate decreased, this section failed to hit a record one-third, the Nuggets gradually gain an advantage, up to 7 points ahead. Durant in the end of this section will hit a ball, the Warriors still 54-59 behind the first half.

Warriors back in the third quarter to get back feeling, shortly after the start of this section, Durant and Thompson have hit one-third, the Warriors to 62-61 exceeded. But the Nuggets also to color, Gallinari and Button have hit three points, hit a wave of 16-4, the Nuggets to 77-66 double-digit advantage. Curry in the last 37 seconds to vote in this section two three-pointers, the score chase into 85-87. Frye Ed hit the buzzer, the Nuggets to 4 points advantage into the fourth quarter.
The fourth section of the main rest. Iguodala hit a record three points, the Warriors only 1 point behind. But then up to 6 minutes Warriors can not shoot again, the Nuggets hit a wave of 16-2, in this section there are 5 minutes and 39 seconds, Stokes even cast with a penalty scored three points, the Nuggets to 105 -90 lead.

Warriors still do not give up, Clark and Jones have also to one-third, quickly narrow the gap. McCaw also hit the third, the Warriors played a wave of 19-4, in this section there are 30.9 seconds when the score at 112-112.

Murray hit the third for the Nuggets, once again lead. Warriors did not miss the last chance, Jones missed three points, grabbed the offensive rebounds, the ball after the cross-line, McCaw in this section there are 1.1 seconds when the third hit, the two sides draw. Nuggets last attack unsuccessful, the two teams into overtime.

In the case of 15 points behind, the Warriors last 5 minutes 22 seconds to vote four in mind three points in one fell swoop to tie the game, get the opportunity to overtime.

Plus there are 46.6 seconds, the McCaw hit a ball, the Warriors to 127-124 lead. Stokes hit two goals, the Warriors still lead by 1 point. Nuggets had to foul, will be sent to the free throw line Prei, he even missed two free throws.

Nuggets get the opportunity, there are 3.5 seconds in the game, Stokes layup, the Nuggets to 128-127 lead. The game did not conclude, Warriors have the final blow of the opportunity. McCaw on the left bottom line after the decisive shot, hit the buzzer, the successful completion of lore.

Beijing time on October 15, Dwyane - Dwyane Wade and friends LeBron - James missed, the Bulls come from behind, at home to 118-108 to defeat the Cavaliers.
Bulls 2 wins and 2 losses. Dwyane - Dwyane Wade 11 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Taki - Gibson 18 - Rondo scored 20 points, six rebounds and six assists, Dwyane - Wade 11 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, 11 rebounds, Doug - McDermott and Robin - Lopez also had 11 points each. Off the bench rookie Paul - Gypsy had 18 points.

Knight 2 wins 3 losses. More than the lack of Lord, Jordan - McIlai scored 19 points and five assists, Jonathan - Holmes 16 points and six rebounds, Kayfield 14 points 7 assists, Andre - 12 points. Substitute John Holland played 23 points.

Knight Lord rest, LeBron - James, Carey - Owen and Kevin - Loew, who did not play. Wade changed his club after the first meeting with James but could not play against.

Bulls also less general Jim - Butler, he was a little hurt, claiming that if the regular season can play. But this is only the preseason, for safety reasons, he chose to rest.

After the opening, the Bulls could not find the rhythm, the Cavaliers to a wave of 18-6 start, Holmes scored 8 points for the Cavaliers. Led by Wade, the Bulls have since pick up. The last 1 minute 11 seconds, Wade scored eight points. He was in the end of this section before the vote with a fine with 3 points scored, the Bulls to 26-35 behind.
Dwyane Wade in the second quarter started layup after two points, then no longer shot. Fortunately, Rondo to strengthen the attack, continue to attack the basket, the Bulls can compete with the offensive. This section there are 8 minutes 02 seconds, McDermott breakthrough backhand layup, the Bulls only 37-40 behind. Field also to three points, Knight scored five points, in turn the gap opened. McIlai hit the buzzer in this section, the Cavaliers to 63-54 advantage.

Throughout the first half, the performance of the Bulls are very bad. They face is not the main knight, some people will even be cut, but the Bulls defense is still full of loopholes, the first half of the error to 16 times.

Rondo even attacked the range to the outside, the third quarter, he hit twice, the Bulls gradually reverse the situation. This section has 4 minutes and 12 seconds, Londo three points succeeded, the Bulls only 75-77 behind. Mi Luoqiqi then two free throws, the match, and Londo break layup, the Bulls finally beyond. Bulls scored 36 points in a single section to 90-84 go-ahead into the final section.

Knight also sent the first quarter of the fourth quarter, while the Bulls began to rest the main. Rookie Gypsy play well, frequently hit. There are 2 minutes and 50 seconds when the game, he broke layup, in 1 minute, one shot 6-2, the Bulls opened the gap to 113-101. Knight hit a note in the third, the Grant also on the Bulls also succeeded in the long shot, with 5 points, the advantage expanded to 14 points, Knight could no longer constitute a threat.

According to US media reports, today's pelican team's training after the end of the team coach Elvin - Gentry confirmed to the media: pelican-headed star Anthony - Davis is expected to be a sprained right ankle Injury 10-14 days.

Anthony - Davis is the Chinese race in Beijing this year's race in the game accidentally stepped on the foot of the Rockets center Nene and sprained his right ankle.

Although Gentry said he was not very clear Davis's specific injury, but according to the famous NBA reporter Mark - Spears said, Anthony - Davis suffered a two-level ankle sprain.

Today, after the pelican team's training, Davis in the field for a simple shooting training, then he also received media interviews.

"Stepping on someone else's foot is something you can not control. I mean, it happens so often, and I have to face it," he said, "and when I'm ready to go back to the pitch, . "

Davis also revealed that his current training is limited, can only do some rehabilitation training and stay in the weight room. He said that tomorrow may be running and bouncing exercises.

The pelican team's regular season opener is Oct. 27 vs. Denver. According to Davis injury 10-14 days to calculate, he may miss the opening game.

In today's interview, Davis said his goal is to catch the opener, but if his right ankle is not fully restored, he will not rush back.

This season, you may be difficult in the NBA arena to see Chris Bosh. Because of physical reasons, Bosh did not pass the team's physical examination, before the time, Heat president Pat Riley has said that Bosh in the Heat's career may have ended. However, according to Miami reporter Barry - Jackson revealed that the current Bosh has not urged the Heat to lay off their own. This means that Bosh this season may not come back, 2017-18 season, he may return to the stadium.

Now, Bosh is more likely to return to the track next season, joining the other teams. Of course, the premise is that Bosh can get the doctor's permission. However, no one knows how long Bosh can be fully restored to health.

If the next year's 2,3 months, Bosh health improved, you want to return to the stadium, but the Heat refused to lay down his words, the players union will be involved. However, regardless of these first, the question now is, do not know which team's team doctor, will allow Bosh to return to the stadium.

Bosh is suffering from blood clots, which is a very dangerous disease. Before the game against the Celtics, Bosh Ming knows his body has ailments, but did not inform the team, Bosh has recalled, "We won the game, but I can not breathe, I try to do some deep breathing, but I can not. "

Before the time, the Clippers have taken the initiative to recruit small Jordan Bosh, and even position is willing to give the real giant off the bench. Obviously, the Clippers do not want to take such risks, recently, the team coach Rivers responded, although he appreciated Bosh, but Chris Bosh will not become a member of the Clippers, and now they are more concerned about Bosh Of health.

Bosh would also like to play in the NBA, but now look, his last game of his career, may really have ended.

This summer, Duncan retired, the Spurs opened a new era. In fact, last season, the Spurs gradually to Aldridge and Leonard as the core play, but it is clear that the two sides of the running is not successful, according to ESPN reporter Mike Mullen said he heard Al There was some discord between Delhi and the Spurs.

"There is news sources said, Aldridge may even play in the Spurs this season, between the two run-in did not meet the expectations of the team." McMullan said. Obviously, if the Spurs away Aldridge, they will certainly get a lot of chips, after all, Aldridge is an all-star level of post players. So far, the news is still rumors stage, but before, when another reporter, ESPN - Zar - Lovy has also talked about, Aldridge may leave the Spurs in the new season. If the rumor is true, then the Spurs need to consider a new model of reconstruction.

Many people are very strange, in recent years, the Spurs-related trade rumors is not too much, why this time, is directly one of the core of the team Aldridge into this environment. As everyone knows, the Spurs locker room is rarely a problem, if someone makes the team in the court or the locker room in the distraction, it is the Spurs absolutely not allow, on this point, ask Stephen Jackson - you understood.

The 2006 draft, Aldridge was selected in the first round of the second overall, the first season of his career, he was selected rookie best team. Career so far, he was once named the NBA All-NBA Second Team, three NBA All-NBA Third Team, five-time All-Star team.

The first nine seasons of his career, Aldridge all played for the Portland Trail Blazers, during which he averaged 19.4 points and 8.4 rebounds. Before joining the Spurs a season, he averaged 23.4 points and 10.2 rebounds can get.

Last summer, Aldridge became a free agent, the Rockets, Lakers, Mavericks, Miami and other teams have launched their chase. The Spurs got him, the two sides signed a 4-year total value of $ 80 million contract. At the time of the meeting, Popovich told Ade, Duncan after retirement, he will take over the team.

Now, Aldridge and the Spurs between the cooperation has just been a year, during the regular season last season, Aldridge played 30.5 minutes per game, you can score 18 points and 8.5 rebounds, shooting 51.3%. In the playoffs, Aldridge played 33.8 minutes per game, you can win 21.9 points and 8.3 rebounds, but in the series against the Thunder, Adelaide's fingers injured, affecting his state, the final Spurs did not Through the western second round.

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