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Spot disposable mask civilian three-layer non-woven fabric with meltblown protective mask

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Category: Medical masks
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Repeated epidemics in autumn and winter meet higher protection needs
Please choose a medical mask
Disposable medical mask
Three layers of protection with melt blown layer
Source manufacturer spot second delivery
Epoxy sterilization
Lightweight and breathable
Breathe freely
Disposable protective mask
Filter efficiency is greater than 95%
Single use
Triple filtration
With melt blown cloth
Fitting to the ears
Three-dimensional protection
Breathable and skin-friendly
Reactive printing and dyeing
Choose 4 colors
Reactive printing and dyeing make the fabric excellent in dust resistance
High cleanliness, high chromaticity, more environmentally friendly
10 bags
50 bags
Name: disposable protective mask
Size: 175X95MM
Packing: 10 pcs/bag 50 pcs/bag
Color: white, blue, pink, black
Material: non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric
Retention period: 2 years in unopened state
The key to a good mask
Will breathe electrostatic melt blown
Melt blown cloth is the key material of masks. It uses the adsorption function of the electrostatic layer to block dust, droplets, etc., which not only improves the filtration efficiency, but also reduces the breathing resistance.

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